Video & Camera Equipment: Serious Cinematography

When speaking in terms of cinematography, there are various options for video and camera equipment. However, one of the top cameras on the market, praised by professional film makers everywhere, is the Panasonic AG-DVX200. The visually pleasant results put forth from this camera speak for themselves. With crisp, timeless cinematography, this camera captures beauty in

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Video Editing: Mac vs PC

The Mac and PC are in constant battle with each other, as they are top competitors in the software and computer engineering industry. What one holds, the other lacks, and when one seems better, the other comes out with a revolutionary feature that dominates the industry. True computer enthusiasts have taken their sides, and stand

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Compositing with Adobe After Effects

Animation in the advertising industry is a creative and innovative way to give your brand an extra flair. In web design, app development, or commercial advertisement, animation can be a key factor in elevating the status of your company in the business world. The first step to success is in choosing the right software for

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3D Speed

When you edit your 3D project, it can be quite rewarding. You are bringing a detailed visual to the viewer's eye; a project with an abundance of hard work behind it that people can appreciate. Working on a project like this can be least until you have to render, which, unfortunately, is far too often.

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