The Mac and PC are in constant battle with each other, as they are top competitors in the software and computer engineering industry. What one holds, the other lacks, and when one seems better, the other comes out with a revolutionary feature that dominates the industry. True computer enthusiasts have taken their sides, and stand loyally next to their preferred computer like patriots stick to their political party; the feud between Mac and PC exceeds the size of any political dispute.

Many will never leave their PC for Mac because PC is more affordable, it is known to perform more adequately in terms of strength, and PCs allow customization, meaning a PC owner can build up his or her computer as powerful as they like.

The Mac is almost the complete opposite. There is no option to build-up or customize a Mac, and they are EXTREMELY expensive. However, Apple continues to renovate application optimization with groundbreaking features such as Mac’s video edit program: Final Cut.

Final Cut has clearly dominated any video editing software for the PC, for it offers rendering abilities that blatantly exceed PC’s video editing software. This fast rendering allows for an undisturbed editing, as the real-time scrubbing defeats any possibilities of stalling. This great feature in Final Cut will grant a faster export time up to 3 times faster than the PC video editing software.

The stabilization in Final Cut is significantly faster when put next to the PC’s software. However, for total track camera time, the PC is faster by seconds.

This article was not designed to make you buy a Mac over a PC. It is simply meant to report accounts from enthused users and iterate their first hand experiences. PCs prominently have features not available for Macs, the same goes vice versa; and this is clearly seen when comparing the video editing software. If your profession is in video production, then it is highly suggested that you spend the extra money and buy a Mac.