Animation in the advertising industry is a creative and innovative way to give your brand an extra flair. In web design, app development, or commercial advertisement, animation can be a key factor in elevating the status of your company in the business world. The first step to success is in choosing the right software for what you need. 

Adobe After Effects is an industry standard in two-dimensional animation and media compositing. This is an excellent program when it comes to pulling your assets together to display the message you are aiming to convey.  

In its basic form, After Effects can be used to edit and create motion graphics, animation, and visual effects. It is also a great way to accurately time out video projects as required. 

There are many great ways to manipulate video footage utilizing the tools that After Effects has to offer. Color levels, lighting, timing animation, and motion paths are all aspects that are editable. After Effects provides a simple way to organize digital production assets to create the desired result. 

There are different ways in which to create a project using After Effects. An editor is able to import film footage or create shapes directly inside of the program. After Effects is also used as an important compositing and editing tool for 3D generated media from programs such as Autodesk Maya, 3dsMax, Cinema4D, etc. 

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