Adobe Creative Cloud – all things pertaining

Graphic design is extremely important to make your product or service stand out. Be it books, magazines, websites, or packaging graphic design is found in our everyday life.

Utilizing and getting professional graphic design services can be a critical step in the maintenance and establishment of successful business.

For graphic designers, buying a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud isn’t a tough decision to make. Adobe Creative Cloud gives designers the tools to compete in today’s global market and allows them to work with clients anywhere globally. Here are five things about the Creative Cloud for you to know.

  • When you become a member of Adobe Creative Cloud, you have access to new features before they are released to the general public.
  • You get 20 gigabytes storage so that you can easily backup important files like presets and color swatches.
  • With Adobe Creative Cloud you could upload files from Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator and get all the related information like fonts, colors in the document and lot more.
  • Sharing files becomes is easy. You can upload a layered document to Photoshop and invite someone to view the file via email. They can view the file as well as turn layers on and off online even if they don’t have a Photoshop account.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud can be accessed via iPads in Photoshop Touch.

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