Recently, Adobe announced a new product that enhances their Adobe Creative Cloud and takes it to the next level.  Adobe Sensei integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning throughout the Creative Cloud suite.

So what does this mean for designers and editors? Overall, Sensei’s goal is to automate repetitive or tedious tasks so you can spend more time creating and designing.  Sensei uses machine learning to become smarter and fill gaps automatically. Here are just some of the features Sensei adds to the Creative Cloud:

  • Content Intelligence: Improves image searching by tagging images automatically and making intelligent recommendations in your search results.
  • Font Recognition: Now you can identify fonts and locate similar fonts automatically (even from handwriting!).
  • Face Aware Editing: Advanced facial feature recognition allows you to edit facial expressions realistically without distorting the image.
  • Face-Aware Liquefy: This facial recognition technology also allows you to easily edit facial features like noses and eyebrows.
  • Semantic Segmentation: Sensei automatically labels different areas of an image by type (like “mountain” and “sky”). These labels allow you to edit images using simple, natural commands (like “change the sky”).
  • Adobe Stock Visual Search: Searching for images is even easier than before. To find additional similar images, just drag an image to your browser.
  • Auto Lip Sync:  This feature allows you to match spoken dialogue with cartoon mouth animation automatically.

These features are just the beginning!  Adobe plans to continue enhancing Sensei and leveraging artificial intelligence throughout the Creative Cloud.  Adobe is also integrating new Sensei features into the Marketing Cloud and the Document Cloud. 

Sensei is sure to become even bigger and more robust in 2017. As the new year approaches, keep your eye on Adobe for further enhancements to Sensei and Creative Cloud.